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Be the change you want to see in the world.

juni 1, 2016   /   800 woorden   /  

This is a guest publication by Pascal Giese. “Trump has tapped into an angry, frustrated vein of our society – one that goes all the way back before the foundation of the US. Clinton is the status quo, but Americans are frustrated with the status quo and this explains the…

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april 12, 2016   /   1500 woorden   /  

What makes you itch? What do you desire in your life? Something intangible is going on in the Golden Gate Park which the world around seems not able to offer. Seeking their quest a wide variety of people come to fulfil their desire. This is a guest publication by Pascal…

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maart 19, 2016   /   1400 woorden   /  

It is undeniable that global civilization faces several severe crises today. To give one example that summarizes some of them, I will summarize an article by the World Economic Forum, which has recently identified the 10 biggest challenges. The first challenge is food security, as it is expected that the…

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maart 13, 2016   /   1000 woorden   /  

The concept of Europe has developed through metonymy. It was continental Greece that was first known by the name of Europe. Gradually the designation broadened to neighboring countries and then consecutively to the neighbors of the neighboring countries… A guest-publication by Oskar Laasik.

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februari 14, 2016   /   900 woorden   /  

Since this is my first article written from a pure personal point of view about the environment, I will start with the most obvious choice: my passion for tropical forests. The story begins in my childhood and unfortunately I do not remember the exact way it started. I remember walking…

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